The trick to social media marketing is knowing the foundations of what makes it work so well. Making money for your business is a huge pro (and what might be your goal on paper), but social gives companies an opportunity that was harder to come by before smartphones became our best friends.

With social media, you can develop a relationship with your audience in a way that wasn’t possible before Facebook went viral. We get to use social media to talk to our audience and show them we really know our stuff. The right social media marketing strategy speaks to your cold, warm, and hot leads on one platform.

And that’s what leads to revenue.

When people see you as more than a company with a fancy logo and more as a relatable expert in your field (B2B or B2C!), businesses thrive. We’ve seen established businesses use social to increase their audience reach, and we’ve also seen companies come from using social (for example, influencers launching merch shops).

Let’s go over the basics of what social media marketing is to build on a rock-solid foundation.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a strategy that uses social media platforms to connect with your customer avatar and bring them through the Customer Value Journey. The Customer Value Journey is the 8-step process a customer goes through, from finding out your brand exists to becoming a raving fan of your products or services.

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