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What do account management services of codezion mean?

Account management is placing transaction account roles that center and the focal point on development or encouragement client, customer’s contact. There are two main purposes or point to account managers as the first one retains clients business and company or the second one is growing those the chance and prospects.

Now a day’s each and every individual is moving to online shopping and add online shopping to their life interest, or this trend will surely continue to run in the future too. An Amazon account management service of codezion delivers the new markets place opportunities or prospects for the sellers who are eagerly waiting and desire to take the advantage of these e-commerce platform opportunities.

Codezion can understand bring about the intention and objectives after learning that what their client wants and for what they desire about their works and that understanding is helping clients and customers to attain their goals and achieve them.

Amazon account management services of codezion are –

Codezion is a platform where you can meet your desired choices and get the facilities like chart your course, optimize your profitability, monitor your amazons account, free up your time, manage and report on your Amazon sales growth.


Amazon account management services; Continuing a strong and good supplier and seller Account in the Amazon Market position as management services are essential or also is required to scale extent your business and your company you should have to ignore wasting your time on taxing the issues and conflicts for the reason of that will, without doubt, have an effect on your business or process accuracy which is complete means that you are wasting your potential revenues.


Team member of codezion who is skilled with their work at the supplier collective will prescribe you all-inclusive and complete approach by coming within reach of in Amazon support handling, optimizing the customer’s service experience, knowledge and also will work on protecting your supplier account health and wellbeing in all the possible conditions. Codezion works with the tagline “client’s satisfaction is our first priority”.

Services that codezion provide to their clients for amazon account management –

Seller central account setup – get to resolve all the issues that you are facing in setting up your seller account by contacting us we will give you a better step-by-step direction with all the essential information regarding registering your seller or sales account.

Category approval – The exact you need to do is to provide the relevant proper information and that all now complete happens is our responsibility. By using all the justifiable legal hacks, illusions, and tricks, we will get authorization to augment to sell and supply in the controlled groupings.

Manage case logs – we are the ones who will deliver you the supreme point of contact between you and amazon support to offer you regular updates. Likewise, Creation, submission, management, responding, and regular or steady follow-up of cases generated through Amazon.

Brand registry and protection – we can list the multiple products of your catalog by bulk listing, product feed creation with these we can do the listing of your product in a systematically way to its accurate category by adding the mandatory and relevant information of the product likewise SKU, product ID, content, search terms and other attributes.

Product optimization – we can optimize your products listing, boost your organic ranking, also multiply your sales. We are experts in e-commerce store factors that will encourage the visibility and searchability of your products by providing SEO-friendly and informative content of your products.

Product listing – we can do the product listing of your products and arrange them in a systematic way and will listing the product to its correct category and with adding the relevant and mandatory information of the products. Likewise as SKU, product ID, content, search terms, and other attributes.

Amazon sponsored ads – knowledge and skilled team of the google Adwords the certified and our professional will hold and switch your PPC campaign, extent the bids and put in the keywords according to its accurate and right match type and also take care about that your campaign can be diverted into the sales.

Order management – we can provide a seamless experience to your customers for that reason of that that is we will direct the order status updates and manage the problem of late shipment rates and following changes in orders like returns and refunds.

Negative feedback removal – if you facing the problem of having negative feedback then no need to worry we are here to solve your problem. We manage and resolve the problem of removing the negative feedback by using the white hat trick within the amazon prescribe limit of the time.

Inventory management – we will inform and updates you about the things like the low inventory products, high selling products, out of stock products at the time concern about the issues which is relating to the suppress and stranded inventory or as well as the product is not having the buy boxes.

FBA shipment creation – Establishment of delivery plans and shipping labels or tags to deliver and distribute the products in Amazon storehouse plus invariable follow-up and confirmation of shipment and delivery are safely received.

Overall account health – Whether you are selling and importing the products by Vendor Central, Seller Central, or by FBA or FBM. We will examine or check the presentation and measure of your account to understand and make sure it is up to Amazon standards or not. Because we know what is correct and good for your account.

Constant amazon updates – stay updated to all the new changes in the ever-changing amazon environment. We will keep reorganized and updated you with all the new guiding principles, courses of action, rules, and updates which you perhaps didn’t know but you should have to know about.

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Why only codezion for android?

Codezion is the only best or finest platform where you can get all the solutions of android related. Team members of codezion are very talented and well-skilled with complete knowledge of android. Team members of the codezion are professional and have a number of experiences in their field. Codezion is a platform where the choice and desires meet at the one-door stop.


Codezion consists best App developers in Jaipur who is greatly experienced in creating high-quality, fully responsive as well as feature-packed mobile applications for all the important mobiles platforms consisting of Android, IOS, and windows.


Codezion always looks forward to creating the mobile application fort o boost the requirement of your business. Mobile application services of codezion will help you with some specific services are services evaluation, code growth, task management, quality assurance, and custom UX/UI layout. These are the mentioned service that makes us one of the top android mobile app development company in Jaipur. 

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