Car Renting Apps

Before a time people use to wait for the auto-rickshaws and taxis for the local ad nearby traveling. At the present, the world has changed and their requirement too. The online taxi booking apps now a day have increases immense growth and become a major part of transportation for the individual and people in different- different cities or places to travel.

Online taxi booking app is an individual and single such service that surely keep and saves your time & price by offering their client and customers user-friendly and easy to use apps on their mobile phones or cell phones. Online taxi booking apps wrap up the two most important faces and sides such as Passengers and taxi drivers by making it easy to converse and talk to both on a similar stage.

Benefits of online taxi booking app:

There are so many benefits of online taxi booking apps that codezion provides. We are going to mention all of them below. So have a look now.

  • Real-time location track
  • Ease of booking
  • Higher visibility
  • 24/7 services
  • Customer services
  • Data collection
  • GPS system
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Feedback
  • Brand building
  • Multiple payment options
  • Free mobile booking apps
  • Security
  • Enhanced productivity

Features that codezion provide for the online taxi booking app:

There are so many services that codezion provides for the online taxi booking app. We are going to mention and discuss them all below, so have a look at them.

GPS tracking, Maps, and Route:- GPS tracking, Maps, and the route is very beneficial for both the driver and passenger, through this way passenger will get the proper time through the live tracking likewise how many minutes taxi arrives and through this driver is also able to recognize the exact location of the passenger.

Application for passenger:- Application for passenger contains three features along with this that are payment method, order cabs, offers and gift voucher also with this application for passenger includes fare calculator, present location, real-time status, booking for someone else, ETA, and the current location.

Communication:- Communication is one of the important aspects of downloading the online taxi apps that will help you with the SMS in apps from side to side all the special description or type.

Application for drivers:- It is the features that have the factors likewise trip request, accepts the ride, cancels the ride, notifications, alerts, in-app analytics, conversation metrics, fuel station finding, route selection, and the reason behind the ride cancellation.

Cost of custom taxi mobile app:- It is an app that decided the cost of fare on the basis of features implemented, the time duration of development, API integration, and so on.

So these are the mentioned features and benefits of the online taxi booking app that codezion provides. Codezion is a platform where you can get an online taxi booking app for you we provide very reliable services. Team members of codezion are very dedicated to their work with years of experience.